Why is LinkedIn important for Personal Branding?

Why LinkedIn Personal Branding is Important?

It’s no news that building a personal brand on social media is the new cool. This is because people love to interact with the personality behind a band and not just the brand itself.

True, LinkedIn can be a little difficult to understand for newbies and even old users. But if you take your time to learn about it, you’ll find out this is the best platform to pitch your tent.

Let’s find out why LinkedIn personal branding is important.

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Importance of LinkedIn Personal Branding

LinkedIn is at the top of the list when it comes to building a personal brand on social media. I mean, that’s understandable due to the high purchasing power of its audience. Not to mention that LinkedIn just hit 1 billion users on November 1, 2023.

What this spells out for your business is more visibility and more opportunities to scale your business.

Let’s find out interesting reasons LinkedIn is the best place to build your personal brand.

High Purchasing Power

LinkedIn is a place filled with professionals in top positions such as CEO, CMO, COO, founders, etc. These people have a high purchasing power granted that your business or service is the best solution to their challenges.

All you have to do is position yourself as their go-to expert for solutions and they’ll be willing to pay you for your services or products granted you can help them get the desired results.

Room for Growth

LinkedIn has moved from being a boring and static “online CV” to a proper social media. Only in its case, it still remains professional. So, just like other social media, LinkedIn allows you to switch to Creator Mode. A feature that has more benefits than the old static way of being an “online CV”.

Creator mode allows you to have up to 30,000 connections and an unlimited amount of followers. This is a good thing for your business as it allows you the opportunity to connect with a large number of your target audience.

Here’s a little caveat though: ensure you’re connecting strategically and not just amassing followers. You’ll sell or get hired more when you connect with your ideal client than with someone who has no idea what your business is about.

So you might want to be a little strategic with your LinkedIn personal branding

Visibility on Google

I bet you had no idea LinkedIn has a domain authority of 98 out of 100. This means LinkedIn has done most of the technicalities of ranking high on Google for you.

So when people go to Google to search for your service or business, they find your profile quickly and rank high. And this will drive them all the way down to your LinkedIn profile.

There’s a 50-50 chance that they’d initiate a business conversation with you.

In summary, building your personal brand on LinkedIn is a great way to get leads for your business.

Increased Brand Awareness

LinkedIn personal branding enhances your brand visibility. Given the 1 billion users on LinkedIn, it only makes sense if I say a lot of people would be discovering your business.

And more audience means more chances of getting in contact with your target audience which in turn means more sales for your business. I suppose you already know what more sales means for your business. Well, if you didn’t, it means more money.

Become a Thought Leader

The longer you are active on LinkedIn and creating helpful and insightful content over time, the more you increase your thought leadership. Over time, you become everyone’s go-to expert in your field, which is one of the things that LinkedIn personal branding helps you achieve

One of the benefits that comes with building thought leadership or being a thought leader is trust. People trust your judgment or opinions in your niche. Also, they do not mind to commit to you to learn from you.

Not to mention that when you want to sell, they’ll already be waiting to throw their money at your offers because they believe you’ll help solve their problems.

How Does LinkedIn Personal Branding Lift Your Reputation?

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn increases your reputation in various ways. Let’s see them below.

Sets You Apart from Your Competitors

As mentioned earlier, people love to connect on a personal level than with a business. They love to see the face behind a business. That’s why some founders have more followers than their business pages.

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn automatically sets you apart from your competitors who’d only be playing catch up. It allows you to set the pace and be a figure people look up to.

Establishes You as an Expert

People don’t need to look far when they’re looking for an expert in your field. They believe you have the solution to their problems given how much value you’ve shared with them previously. This increases your reputation on LinkedIn.

To maintain this status, however, you’ll have to continue to be a solution to their problems.

Increases the KLT Factor

There’s a reassurance that comes with knowing someone personally on LinkedIn. Your audience also develops a likeness for you, and finally, all of these cause them to trust you.

When you’ve checked these KLT boxes, your reputation becomes high. It accumulates as time goes on. Then, within a short time, you’ll realize how powerful you’ve become and now have a reputation to protect. It all starts with building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

How Should You Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Brand?

Create Valuable Content

One sure way to get your brand in the faces of your audience is by creating valuable content for their consumption. This keeps them glued to your page and hope to get more. This is a subtle promotion that doesn’t involve outright asking people to buy from you or something.

In fact, it is the reverse; instead of looking to take from them, you’re giving them.

Collaborate with Industry Experts

Collaborating strategically with your fellow experts has a way of paying off such that your audience is passed to them, and theirs to you.

It sounds paradoxical to collaborate with Industry experts but there are more benefits than squaring shoulders and competing with them.

You are inadvertently promoting your brand when you exchange audiences. Also, it is only a matter of time before their audience deems it fit to follow you and keep an eye on your page too.

Participate in Industry Group Conversations

Finding groups where your target audience might be in and joining in helpful conversations offering your valuable insights on the topic is a great way to market your brand.

Based on how helpful or insightful your comment or contribution is, members will be compelled to have a look at your profile. It doesn’t end there, some of them might become interested in working with you.

Either way, you have displayed your expertise and shown them what your business is made of. That’s an intelligent way of marketing your brand.


The day you make up your mind to begin your personal branding journey on LinkedIn is the day you’ll find gold.

This is a time when businesses are tapping into the online space and ripping off the benefit thereof. You can’t be caught not hopping on this train.

My name is Usman Salami, and I’m your best bet to set you up and rolling on LinkedIn

Send me a DM right now to get you set up by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and providing you with all the strategies you need to win on LinkedIn.

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