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Best SEO Writer in Nigeria

Best SEO Writer in Nigeria


The Best SEO writer is one who can give you what you desire for your content. Quality traffic, leads, conversion, name it. And that’s exactly what Usman Salami is committed to giving you.

The frustration of finding competent hands for your writing projects cannot be overstated. Especially if you don’t know where to search or whom to trust as the best SEO content writer in Nigeria. But don’t you worry, because this is your final stop for everything content writing/creation and SEO.

Best SEO writer Favikon ranking

Recently ranked the Number 1 SEO Writer in Nigeria by Favikon on Linkedin, Usman stands out amongst the plethora of writers in Nigeria as the best SEO writer.

Meet Usman Salami, a freelance SEO writer with over 7 years of experience. Trust me, nobody comes close to him when it comes to delivering high-quality jobs. But instead of blowing his trumpet this way, don’t we find out what makes him the best hand for your writing jobs? Below, we shall be learning about this talent and how he’ll help you grow your business. Stayed tuned!

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This is How Usman can Help You

The world is going digital, hence, the demand for skills such as content writing, SEO, or both, is at an all-time high. However, not every writer can produce results for you. Creating great content involves a lot of factors, some of which we shall be highlighting below, and how Usman Salami can help you fix them.

Content goal

As a good writer and one attentive to details, Usman pays attention to key things such as content goal, before delving into magic. He tries to understand what your content is intended to achieve. That helps him better amplify the message uniquely to appeal to the right audience. The goal of content could range anything from educative, entertaining, marketing, awareness, sales, sensitization and more. Understanding this goal helps Usman come up with the best content for your target audience.

Brand voice harmony

In the spirit of brand consistency, Usman Salami will maintain your brand voice while delivering your content. This will foster the continued loyalty of your audience. All he needs to know is the voice of your brand to deliver great content using that voice. An inconsistent brand voice will result in the loss of both potential and existing customers. Usman understands this and gives nothing short of expectation.

Target audience

Writing great content is one thing, knowing who needs to read the content is another. Not all writers in Nigeria know this. Usman Salami will take his time to understand who your content is targeted at so he can present it to them in the most appealing way possible. This will not only resonate with your target audience, but it’ll also encourage them to take the desired step you want them to.

What Makes Usman Standout?

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High-quality job

If the job delivery is not high-quality, then it’s not Usman’s job. He takes his time to ensure that the job is top-notch quality. Besides that he understands doing a great job is a good positioning for his writing brand, and he also understands that a great job leads to more jobs.

Your satisfaction

Usman puts your interest first when doing the job. He puts himself in your shoes and judges how he’d feel if you didn’t do a great job. The feeling he gets is what you’d probably get when he delivers. This, over time, has made him more determined to put a smile on your face by going above and beyond to meet your expectations. Your happiness and satisfaction is his happiness.

Affordable pricing

Understanding that a lot of small businesses survive on a meagre budget, Usman’s services are not pricey. His charges are based on the volume and workload of your project. But he assures you that his prices won’t put a hole in a pocket, another quality that makes hum the best SEO writer in Nigeria.

Increase your traffic

As an SEO writer, Usman doesn’t just start typing away your job on his computer for the sake of it. He ensures that he generates traffic to your website by incorporating best SEO practices. This will also help your website rank on Google. So you’re not only getting high-quality job delivery from him, but you’re also ranking high on Google.

Ability to meet deadlines

Usman understands that time is money, therefore, he never defaults on deadlines. With him, you don’t have to worry about missing a huge contract or a deal because he delivers just at the agreed time. He is a complete package. You don’t have to look elsewhere for an SEO content writer in Nigeria.

What Makes Him the Best SEO Writer?

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Usman Salami has been in the writing business since 2016, a time long enough to know the business of writing and to pour out his expertise for you. He has also worked with international clients from other parts of the world such as the United States, UK, and Cameroon. All of them have expressed their satisfaction with a job well done.

He Incorporates Best SEO practices

As the best SEO content writer in Nigeria, Usman has a well-defined SEO writer process that helps get your webpage to the people who need to see it. First, he ensures he understands the intent your content seeks to satisfy first before delving into keyword research. This he does using the finest keyword tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Keyword Everywhere, and so on.

He follows the ranking of your content on Google while using Google Analytics to track the traffic inflow of your website. This helps him understand what page or content brings in the most audience to further optimize your content better. Saying this has helped him get results for a long time and he has his proofs. Read on to find out.

Client Testimonial

What better feeling comes with achieving your content aim? Nothing, I guess. They say numbers don’t lie, and that takes us to what past clients have been saying concerning his services.

The images below tell us more.


Nigeria is a great country with lots of talents and good hands for your writing job. But finding the best SEO writer is not easy. You can’t afford the risk of trying out different writers to know which one sticks to their words. That’s why Usman Salami is here to make life easy for you by delivering great content for your business.

SEO isn’t just about throwing keywords in strategic places, it’s about giving your audience exactly what they want. Usman understands this and is ready to help you get results with great content.

You can’t go wrong with him. He’s only a message away on LinkedIn or an email away at Your business matters to you, therefore, let a professional treat it as such for you. Hire competent hands to create your content. Hire Usman Salami for your SEO writing projects and watch things turn around for your business in no time.

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